Physical Cards

A physical card is a payment instrument that enables users to conduct transactions at merchant locations. The card can either be used physically on ATMs, POS, or virtually online.

The Sudo API enables you to control your cards programmatically, build your own features, securely integrate with other services, and create new world-class experiences.

A card stores data that is necessary for a merchant to make an authorization request. An authorization request occurs when a cardholder attempts a withdrawal at an automated teller machine (ATM), presents the card to a merchant at a physical point of sale (POS) or enters the card information into a form for online purchase.

Cards store multiple pieces of data necessary to complete a transaction, including the following:

Name - cardholder’s name.

Primary Account Number (PAN) - a 16-19 digits unique identifier that appears on the front or back of the card; identifies the card network, issuer, and cardholder account.

Expiry Date - the date when the card expires.

Card Verification Value (CVV2) - a 3 digits verification number that appears on the back of the card, usually used for “card not present (online)” transactions.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) - a 4 digits number used to authorize transactions either online or offline.

The Sudo API allows you to configure a phone number and email address during card setup to enroll for SafeToken (OTP) or 3D Secure. This is useful to protect the card against online card fraud where an OTP is sent to the customer's mobile phone/email address to authorize any transaction before it is authorized.