Fraud Protection

Sudo automatically blocks any authorization that looks suspicious. If we decline the authorization attempt as a result of our fraud analysis, the requestHistory.reason field on the Authorization is set to suspected_fraud.

requestHistory: [
				_id: "5f920639d466350ec7a8f0ff"
				amount: 505.375
				currency: "NGN"
				approved: false
				merchantAmount: 500
				merchantCurrency: "NGN"
				reason: "suspected_fraud"
				createdAt: "2020-10-22T22:22:49.157Z"


Wrongly Declined Transaction

Think a transaction was declined incorrectly? Please reach out to our support team with the details of the transaction.

Spending Controls

We recommend that you implement a combination of spending limits and merchant category controls on your cards to help limit your exposure in case fraud is attempted.


Default Spending Limit

If spendingLimits are not set, a default spending limit is applied to all cards.

NGN Cards
Single Transaction Limit - NGN20,000 (ATM) | NGN500,000 (POS/WEB)
Daily Limit - NGN150,000 (ATM) | NGN500,000 (POS/WEB)

USD Cards
Single Transaction Limit - USD0.00 (ATM) | USD0.00 (POS/WEB)
Daily Limit - USD0.00 (ATM) | USD0.00 (POS/WEB)

Verification Data

For every authorization on Sudo Cards, we pass the verification, transactionMetadata, terminal, and merchant information to your webhook to make final decisions. You get to know the channel used, merchant name, location, and terminal details including the Terminal ID. We also send the card presence and cardholder presence status to you so you can make the right decisions before approving or declining a transaction.










Sudo gives you a 4 seconds window to respond to any request. If we do not receive a response from you within such time, the Authorization is automatically approved or declined based on your timeout settings in the card funding source.